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Liaoning CBA League Liao basket home

Liaoning CBA League Liao basket home

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Liaoning CBA League Liao basket home:The Flying Leopards have since become regular contenders for the CBA title again

Special offer time:2019-11-04 to 2020-03-12

Special offer Place:Shenyang/ Liaoning Gymnasium  

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    Liaoning CBA League Liao basket homePerformance Information

    The Liaoning Flying Leopards, also known as the Liaoning Scale Industry Flying Leopards or simply Liaoning Scale Industry, are a Chinese professional basketball team based in Mingshan District, Benxi, Liaoning, which plays in the Northern Division of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Some home games are also held in nearby Benxi. The Liaoning Scale Industry Group is the club's corporate sponsor while its mascot is a flying leopard. In 2011, Scale Industry took over sponsorship from the Liaoning Panpan Group Co., Ltd.


    During the 2004–05 CBA season, Liaoning finished in first place in the North Division, but lost in the Quarter-Finals of the CBA Playoffs to the South Division's Yunnan Bulls. The team would then go on to place seventh and fourth, respectively, over the next two years, before advancing to the CBA Finals following the 2007–08 CBA season.


    Although Liaoning eventually lost to the Guangdong Southern Tigers, the club did win the fourth game of the series. This was the team's first victory in the CBA Finals, despite multiple appearances. After finishing in fifth place in the 2009–10 CBA season, Liaoning would miss both the 2010–11 and the 2011–12 CBA playoffs.


    Before the 2012–13 CBA season began, the roster received a massive upheaval. Liaoning made multiple changes including the signings of Josh Akognon and Alexander Johnson. Meanwhile, veteran Bian Qiang retired, and many local players were either transferred or loaned out to other CBA teams. One of the most significant player transactions that occurred was the decision to let go of Zhang Qingpeng.


    The Flying Leopards have since become regular contenders for the CBA title again, powered by such players as Guo, Han Dejun, and multi-time CBA International MVP Lester Hudson.

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