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Morton's Brother Dalian concert

Morton's Brother Dalian concert

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Morton's Brother Dalian concert:Morton's brother, YY's live broadcast of the singing group, founded in 2014, by Liu Yuning, Zhuo, Da Fei consisted of three members.

Special offer time:2019-11-30

Special offer Place:Dalian/Dalian Sports Center Stadium  

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Morton's Brother Dalian concertPerformance Information

Performance time:  2019-10-20
Performance venue:  Dalian/Dalian Sports Center Stadium  .

Morton's brother, YY's live broadcast of the singing group, founded in 2014, by Liu Yuning, Zhuo, Da Fei consisted of three members.

On 20 June 2018, released several singles" bromance ";2018 July 16 release the animated "naughty. Detective mandarin theme of" the most worthwhile adventure ";On July 27, 2018, issued several singles" finally lost contact with him ";2018 15 September issued several singles" Imagination ".


In September 2015, Morden, relying on a unique "Humongous" MV up the Internet and, in this music video, the brothers teased Acura forced to modern styles itself as a place, from the veneer Lin Chi ling,To two people struggle to pay led to a dozen hospitalized cardiac arrest and nearly all of whom were from the Northeast identity are blamed on the netizens discovered enlarged by the prefix "east, north, and Mission", attracts onlookers in a short period of time access to the microblogging network.

Because they sang and Yan's excellent value, they are rapidly accumulating their fans, and YY respectively to secure the 2016 annual combined singer for fourth in 2017 and YY annual combined singer ranked No. 2, 2015,Morton's brother MV "Humongous" was released, and it's also broke into public view.

2018, Carnival, an annual music festival and attend YY;May, a new kind of musical instrument Zouma"," Honestly ","the answer ","I’m here ".On 20 June, and issued several singles" fraternal love".On 16 July, released the animated films" naughty. Detective mandarin theme of "the most worthwhile adventure".On 27 July, and issued several singles" finally lost contact with him ".On 29 July, with the participation of Hunan Satellite TV "Day day"broadcast of a program;On 30 July the new song "Let the wine on - line ", which wasTV network"Alright"Sha"of the episode;On August 10,Large, the television series" Sunshine decade decade Hua "promotion" Love Language 1910 "episode;On 17 August, the brothers combined modern popularity in Guangzhou since he started his first online concert.


Come and be inspire by them songs and performance. 


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