Dahe Ticketing Network is true or false ?

Dahe Ticketing Network is true or false£¿An "exposure" letter to the Dahe ticket user Written in front: Readers and friends, as a small employee who has been crushed for two years at the Dahe Ticketing Network, I want to announce the boss¡¯s ¡°disgusting face¡± as everyone, I want to expose you like how the company squeezes us. Someone on the Internet asked, is the Dahe Ticketing Network true? Dahe Ticketing Network is true or false? This is not nonsense. I have been crushed by my boss for two years. Are you true? Ok, I am going to start counting the "crimes" of Dahe Ticketing!

First, the first sin

In order to cooperate with the organizer happily, unscrupulous, let the company's two male colleagues live in a couple's room, sleep a bed (note: one of the male colleagues is me, single), the boss of the murder!

That's what happened:

Everyone knows that the 2017 Strawberry music festival in Chengdu was successfully held in Chengdu International Exhibition Center on May 13-14, but what you don't know is that on the day before performance, at 6 pm on May 12, we are high. Happy to sort out the list of customers who picked up the tickets on the second and third days, and prepared to send them to the organizers to end the busy day, but greeted the cordial greetings from the courier brother. It is the Ticket that was originally communicated with the organizer and sent to the customers in the field! The organizer sent us the ticket to Zhengzhou's office! !

At this time, the expression of everyone in the office is like this - a look of arrogance.jpg

´ÓZhengzhou To Chengdu, the time to start less than 24h, this ticket, host you, let us do what!

As a result, you guessed the boss's attitude. The boss sent me and another male colleague to fly to Chengdu overnight, in order to be guilty of the organizer. The boss of the beastly heart did not let us sleep! We also suspected that the boss was not only bad, but also the head was teasing. The price of the music festivalTicket was less than three hundred, and the total profit of the two-day order was not enough for the two plane tickets. ! stupid*!

At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, we arrived in Chengdu. Due to the temporary flight, we did not book the hotel in advance. We were in the streets of Chengdu, where the lights and the lights were shining, but there was no place for us to settle..jpg¡£

In the middle of the night, I finally found a hotel nearby, but I was told that the hotel was full and there was only one couple room for us to stay. No other choice.

In this way, the two great men spent an "unforgettable" night in an atmosphere-filled room on an unusually romantic bed. Please, the boss, you let me live this single dog for twenty years. How to find a wife in the future! ! My innocence! !

Just to sin your dear organizer!

Just for you to continue to have fun with your dear organizer!

Betrayed our bodies and souls!

Boss, you are really, enough!

Second, the second sin

Remember the Zhengzhou Air Show just past, our dear boss, it¡¯s not human.

The 2017 air show was as hot as the previous air show. From April 28th to May 1st, it was a whole four days. It was a lively event, but on the last day of Labor Day, it was a scorpion! One of our dear compatriots, forced by the boss, left us!

The thing is this: This Zhengzhou Air Show Ticket, sponsored by us according to our daily order volume, this is why we often tell customers "please wait patiently for ticketing" reason, generally we get Ticket After that, I will notify the customer immediately, and I often receive complaints from customers saying that the ticket is late. Although we also want to go early, we know that there may be many problems, but there is no way. We are not hosting or performance business. Wait patiently, while appeasing customers to wait patiently¡£

On the last day of the air show, the organizer told us that the project was too hot, no tickets were available, so what? What about our customers£¿

At this time, the boss spoke again: a full refund to the customer!

Thousands of orders, are you teasing me? This has to be retired to the Year of the Monkey!

As a result, we can imagine that our group of customer service customers, while notifying customers of refunds, accept the customer's cordial baptism of our parents' ancestors, including a new customer service, Xiao Li, because she can't stand it. The customer's "friendly greetings" were ruthlessly expelled by the boss!

Similar events, such as Jay Chou's concert, alumni's tour, etc., are due to a series of ticket-issuing parties suppressing the time of ticketing, and raising the market price, resulting in higher selling prices and other issues, and affecting our parents. The examples of loved ones and the ancestors of the 18th generation are still numerous.

Boss, fortunately, you are not born in ancient times, otherwise the people are not living, you are faint!