Company Profile
First: the purpose of the business

Since its establishment, Henan Hanzhuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has strictly adhered to the business philosophy of ¡°integrity, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit¡±, and is committed to organically combining traditional tourism, performance offline operation and network marketing. It is bound to be forward-looking. Sincere service attitude has achieved more brilliant achievements¡£

Second: enterprise development and positioning is affiliated to Henan Hanzhuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. It has been established for more than ten years and has developed into a well-known Internet ticketing service platform in China¡£

From the initial ticket business to the current multi-element ecological travel company covering performance tickets, performance planning and promotion, performance investment, scenic spot tickets, scenic planning operations, high-end customized domestic and outbound tourism, cruise tourism.

With the expansion of the company's business, in addition to the Zhengzhou headquarters, Shanghai and Chengdu regional branches have been opened. Shenzhen, Beijing and other city branches also need to be established, in order to provide customers with more quality and convenient landing services.

Over the years, Dahe Ticketing Network has won the favor of consumers with professional planning and R&D team, precise market and industry positioning, efficient marketing and promotion strategies, and high-quality customer service. Gained a good reputation in the industry and market influence.

Dahe Ticketing Network carries the C-end brand and business of the company, and is oriented to the cultural performing arts and tourism industry. With ticket marketing as the core, it is committed to solving the spiritual and entertainment consumption needs of the majority of users. To provide customers with high-quality, efficient and convenient ticket reservation and ticket consultation services, to help partners improve market operations, box office marketing capabilities, and achieve multiple wins. Today, the company's business covers more than 100 cities in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Third: the platform advantage

[More resources] One-stop service for all kinds of popular performances and tourism at home and abroad;

[Safer ticket purchase] Direct cooperation with the organizer, the box office, and the resource side, and the system will issue tickets to guarantee the real ticket;

[Purchase tickets are more convenient] APP, PC, mobile, small programs and other ways to purchase tickets, easy and fast ticket purchase£»

[Buy tickets are more favorable] occasional discount tickets, holiday specials, free tickets and other surprise feedback;

[Service is more careful] Professional customer service team: Give you efficient, patient, enthusiastic and professional customer service;

[Easy ticket collection is more convenient] on-site ticket collection, door-to-door ticket collection, express delivery ticket, electronic ticket, etc.

Fourth: the scope of business

¡ô Ticketing agents, distribution and retail operations for concerts, music festivals, sports events, stage plays, art exhibitions, lifestyle entertainment, children's parent-child activities, etc.;

¡ô Performance planning and promotion, performance system and ticket paper service, performance project investment, etc;

¡ô Ticketing agency, distribution and retail business of various scenic spots such as natural scenery, theme parks, scenic spots and humanities, leisure and entertainment;

¡ô High-end customized services for various groups such as tourism, domestic tourism and outbound tourism;

¡ô Scenic spot activities (promotion, performance, stepping, promotion, etc.) planning, scenic area operation, scenic website and new media public number (WeChat, Weibo, short video, etc.) construction and maintenance, scenic spot distribution system and supporting ticket checking system;

Five:successful cases

Music performance : Zhang Xueyou, Aaron Kwok, Wang Feng, Xu Wei, Yang Qianxi, Zhang Xinzhe, Li Zongsheng and many other artists' national tour concerts; Strawberry Music Festival, Midi Music Festival, Yuntaishan Music Festival, Cactus Music Festival, Wheat Field Music Festival, Ice Cream Music Festival, Thailand S2O Splashing water and sound festivals, Nanjing Midou Music Festival and other major national music festivals;

Sports event : China Rally Championship, Russia World Cup, La Liga, men's basketball competition, volleyball league, building owners' events, etc;

Stage play : Li Yuanchun, Wu Linfeng and other recording scenes; Deyun Society Guo Degang, Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Helun, Meng Hetang, Deyun Sambo and other cross-talk performances;

art exhibition : ¡¶Oda Eiichiro supervises Hello, ONE PIECE is coming to the tour; the artist's dream "You, my muse" light and shadow interactive experience exhibition; fictional paradise - art science fantasy exhibition; miracle: Mona Lisa's smile and The Three Renaissances of the Renaissance - the special exhibition of the Bellini family collection; the followers of the light - the genius of Van Gogh's dream exhibition; "never stop" the Beatles fashion art exhibition, etc£»

Tourism : Ticketing agents for major hot spring scenic spots such as Opalala Water Park, Emerald Pool, Huanggu Bath, Jiangnanchun, Luoyang Fengxiang and Xiangdiwan;

activity : So far, the performance parties and scenic spots who have maintained strategic cooperation with Dahe Ticketing Network have successfully planned online and offline activities hundreds of times, and the response has been enthusiastic;